Sunday, March 08, 2009

After bathing...

I love smelling her!

She just bathed today =D!
I love looking at her fur every time after she bath. It always has looks shiny and soft... and it smells extra good! Many adorableness!~

And look at this cat!

He/ she was just lying there looking at me, waiting for his/ her owner to pick him/ her up, and at the meantime, just laze around and be completely oblivious to everything happening around the world.
Cool cat!
Which makes me wonder, if i ever have to send HeeChul to a boarding hotel, what will she be like? This cat, or like the others who are constantly asking for some TLC??
Mind, she'll probably start off by scolding everyone within the vicinity for a couple of days. She's the Princess yo!
But the thought of sending her off to a boarding hotel freaks me out honestly. The little Princess has never spend even a night away from home!!
Hmm... aybe i should try that someday, hehehe!

Ok, i gotto wipe my face. Fur on face (from smelling HeeChul's oh-so-nice-smell fur =P!). Not cool.
Pretty soon it's either i'm going to get a furry face, or i'll start coughing up hairballs!! EEEEEEEK!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

HeeChul's Super Belated Birthday Present!

It arrived in the mail today!
I heard the postman while i was still half-asleep this morning, then i immediately jump up and run downstairs... and there it is!

My bunny is so Royal, her presents must be delivered as to fit her Royalness.

But as a Royal... nothing is "worth" making a big fuss about, because she's used to people making a bis fuss *about* her instead.


So what is it?


Super Junior Boys in City 2 Season 2 - Tokyo!!
Season 1 was in Kuala Lumpur btw!
And Season 3 would be in Redang, titled "Boys by the Beach - A Wedding".
Even though we are married, it's not exactly official until a ceremony is held right?
So as soon as we are all free, it'll take place soon. Sorry, by invitations only. And the photobook will not be for sale nor for public display, considering it'll be a personal collection.

Moving on... (HAHAHA!!)
What's inside:

Look at my carendar.
And Dec's HeeChul's appa XD!! On her birthday month!

HeeChul's present is fab isn't it?
So what's in the little packet?

The first character from HeeChul, "희", or ""!

Isn't she gorgeous?

La ♪!~

"Yes, i know i'm beautiful," says the Narcissistic Little Rascal HRH Princess Kim HeeChul.

Ooh, but she haven't seen the carendar (and book) yet!


Tada! Bunny, appa yo *points at carendar*!



"Appa!!! Where are you???"

"Oi, tipu me issit?"

"Hmm..." ponders HRH Princess HeeChul as she looks as the picture.

"My appa is as cute as me!~ (Of course, i remain cutest and bestest)"

닥 · 숭
Approach. Worship.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

If you're wondering why i didn't update...

(Note from Omma.)

YOU tell me how to update lar.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Stupid cat.

HeeChul injured herself again.

Oh golly.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 Promises to My Dog.

I cried the minute it started till it finishes.

HeeChul being the rascal she always is, was about to leave the room, but upon sensing me crying she detoured to give me a good rub against my leg, and even climbed to the table opposite mine so she could see me and give me a good "stop being emotional woman" stare while being out of my reach (she doesn't like to be touched unless if she demands it).

She really is a much loved rascal!
I swear i can never ever watch any dog-related movies, especially if it is Japanese.
They are good with touching movies. They know how to get to your heart, and they will use every single method possible so to achieve it.


Quill クイール
is an example of movie which i adore to bits, but i will never ever watch it again.
Example, let's just say if the movie is an hour long... i cried at least 50 minutes throughout the whole movie.
Whether happy or sad, i just feel so touched for Quill, hence, the crying.

The makers of Quill also made the film "10 Promises to My Dog" (the trailer above).
So i can sense if i were to watch this film (10 Promises...), never mind the jealousy of not being able to keep a dog, i would probably end up crying like mad before the movie even start?

The movie is roughly based on the 10 Commandments to my Dog.
But i prefer the Japanese version. It's more touching lols!

Among my favourite:
"You have friends from school, but i only have you."
"My lifespan is roughly 10 years, so live the best life ever!"

Ah, if only most owners will keep to the 10 Commandments.
Even if not to the fullest, at least to the best they could do and with every ounce of responsibility they could muster, otherwise, they shouldn't even consider owning anything at all.

A pet is for life, a life-commitment if i may.

Never treat your pets for granted. Always appreciate every minute with them, and do your best to care for them, because if you don't, you may never know when they will leave you and you will regret it.

I know that feeling, it's like a burden to your shoulders that you could never ever forget for the rest of your life.

Monday, July 21, 2008

HeeChul is a STAR!

Katz Tales is an article about cats featured in The Star's Weekender every fortnight!
They have this ongoing contest in every issue for cat owners to send in the cutest picture of their baby to win a RM150 hamper.

They only accept applications by post, although from the website, they do provide an email address... so being lazy, i send HeeChul's application through email TWICE... but there was no reply nor was HeeChul featured in any future issues.

Naturally, i was appalled, come on, Her Royal Highness has got to be one of the cutest things alive! Its impossible she didn't win, especially when other pictures who are not as cute as her had won!

So i decided to mail in an entry by post. I mailed my entry last Wednesday (9th July 2008) or so?

And in this week's Weekender, 19th July 2008, HeeChul is featured as one of the winning babies =D!

Isn't my baby adorable?
I'll post a clearer version soon! Too excited for now i lazy go get my camera!~

That's why i said, it's IMPOSSIBLE HeeChul didn't win! She's the most adorable thing ever, and previous pics i've send through email are even cuter than this one!
Well, whaddya know, it's not that she wasn't chosen, instead, it's just because they didn't get her picture =)!

I'm so proud of my baby!~

She's a star now XD!!

Monday, June 02, 2008

My cat is not only immune to everything.

She's VERY flexible as well.

Have you ever imagined if you can actually sleep that way??